Casandra Hockenberry is a Senior Policy Analyst with The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation, where she works across a broad number of initiatives, such as the Privacy and Cybersecurity Policy Academy, which examines privacy and cybersecurity issues that will affect state leaders and shares innovative and effective policy solutions with the its members, and the Overseas Voting Initiative, which researches ways to improve the voting process for military and overseas citizens.

Prior to joining The Council of State Governments, she worked for the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy as a public defender representing indigent clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors. Casandra received her degree in Political Science from Clarion University and her Juris Doctor from Case Western University. Casandra always enjoys a good book, heated debates about music, and time with her sausage dog, Remington.

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  1. Every vote counts

    Before the election, I wrote about the age-old myth that military and overseas citizen ballots are only counted if it is a particularly close race. This myth partially …

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