Jared Marcotte is Owner of The Turnout, a consultancy that offers custom web development, interface design, and IT strategy. Recently, he was Officer of Elections Technology at The Pew Charitable Trusts where he worked across all projects in the election initiatives portfolio. One of his primary roles was overseeing the technical work on the Voting Information Project, a collaboration with state and local officials, Google, and Pew to create an open, standardized repository of election-related information for all 50 states and DC. In addition to many years of programming experience in various languages, Jared is also an accomplished interface and interaction designer, having worked on various eCommerce sites and an inappropriately-named polling place lookup tool.

Jared has previously worked at Six Apart and IBM, and is a graduate of the University of Vermont. Find him on Twitter as @jungshadow, where he mostly catalogs his various interactions with his two kids.

Posts by Jared Marcotte

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