Katy Owens Hubler is a Project Manager for The Turnout working on projects like the Center for Internet Security's RABET-V, a pilot to develop a new method of assessing non-voting election technology, and The Council of State Government's Overseas Voter Initiative, formed from a cooperative agreement with the Federal Voting Assistance Program to improve policies around military and overseas voting. She is a former member of the elections team at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) where she conducted research and convened meetings to support the work of state legislatures nationwide. Previous to joining NCSL she worked for the Denver Elections Division and in the Carter Center’s Democracy Program. Owens Hubler is also a consultant specializing in election administration policy, and especially issues related to election technology. Her recent consulting projects include a study of state regulations on absentee/mailed ballots on behalf of NCSL; assisting with the development of a common data format for election systems; and a statewide procurement of new voting machines in Utah. Owens Hubler has BA in International Affairs from Lewis and Clark College and an MA in Political Science from the University of Colorado — Denver, where she wrote a thesis on election management bodies in transitioning democracies.

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  1. Reflecting on the 2020 elections

    No election is perfect. A local election official once described Election Day as “Putting on 90 weddings, in 90 different venues, with temporary workers who only do this once …

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