Philippe Langlois is currently working as the newest author of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). Prior to joining Verizon, he worked at CIS leading various data driven projects, such as the CIS Controls and the MS-ISAC Nationwide Cyber Security Review. He’s a graduate of Carleton University’s Masters of Infrastructure Protection and International Security, where he began his career-long interest in cybersecurity and risk management. When not working or doing recreational programming, he enjoys the great outdoors of Upstate New York with his wife and two dogs.

Posts by Philippe Langlois

  1. Privacy and security, the odd couple

    Security and privacy, privacy and security. More and more, we see these terms intertwined and intermixed as organizations grapple with the complex issues of managing and maintaining the overabundance …

  2. Elections security quick wins checklist

    By now, cybersecurity isn’t a foreign concept to anyone working in the elections sector, especially as there’s been a welcome increase in resources, guidance, and new participants. Unfortunately, the …

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