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Welcome! I’m taking a moment to introduce The Turnout to those of you who are new here—and to reintroduce our company to those of you who have been around a bit longer. I’d also like to share a bit about key client projects that contribute to our track record of client success.

Since 2015, The Turnout has helped non-profit organizations, corporate entities, academic institutions, and federal, state, and local governments to better understand, assess, and improve their transactional data, visualize and analyze their processes, and standardize and validate their data. Most—but not all—of our work touches the fields of election administration and technology.

I’m privileged and honored to have with me on this journey a team that brings robust elections subject matter expertise and extensive experience working with technology and organizational processes. Most importantly, we have a deep commitment to listening and learning about each of our clients' unique goals and challenges.

By harnessing our decades of combined experience in elections, established relationships, and multidisciplinary expertise, we assemble an expert team and develop grounded, tailored, and actionable solutions—always working with, not for, our clients.

We do this by performing specific, structured activities that include:

  • Process Modeling - Assessing the current processes in organization and mapping the associated workflows for all to review
  • Data Standardization - Testing to run through the model, data points from various points in the system
  • Process Analysis - Checking for any leaks and bottlenecks in a process that impede efficiency and accuracy of data movement
  • Process Improvement - Presenting the best operational practices and tools to navigate forward assisting our clients in achieving time and cost efficiencies

Following are a few of our projects that I’d like to highlight as they exemplify our approach in undertaking the activities described above collaboratively with our clients to result in successful efforts:

Please reach out to us at if you’d like to learn more and discuss how our team at The Turnout can best assist your organization.

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