• Privacy and security, the odd couple

    Security Engineer Philippe Langlois reflects on the relationship between privacy and security—and the important role that tools like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Privacy Framework can play.

  • Every vote counts

    Senior Policy Analyst Casandra Hockenberry reminds us to Keep Calm and Let the Election Officials Count On.

  • Reflecting on the 2020 elections

    Senior Policy Specialist and former candidate for the Utah State Senate Katy Owens Hubler reflects on the 2020 elections, the best-administered and most secure in United States history.

  • Elections security quick wins checklist

    Security Engineer Philippe Langlois outlines a number of possible cybersecurity activities that could be accomplished in the remaining days before the 2020 general election.

  • Supporting our elections in 2020

    Coronavirus has upended every aspect of our lives, and our elections are no exception. John Dziurłaj explains how everyone can help their local elections officials, poll workers, and election offices ensure a straightforward, trusted election.

  • Exploring voter registration auditing methods

    In my last post, I discussed why establishing an audit trail for voter registration databases (VRDBs) is a crucial first step in our auditing journey. Today, I’ll focus on methodologies that can be used to perform the audit.

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