• Voter registration database auditing

    In this first piece in our voter registration database auditing series, Solutions Architect, John Dziurłaj, explains what a voter registration database audit is and why it matters.

  • Security analysis of The Turnout website

    The Turnout rang in 2019 with a slick new website—a wonderful interface, modern aesthetic, and a great stock photo of design in action. But is it secure?

    The Turnout …

  • Building The Turnout website

    Founding president Jared Marcotte on designing and developing a website for his toughest client yet: himself.

  • Mitigating risks for UOCAVA voting

    The Turnout researched methods of electronic ballot return by UOCAVA voters, culminating in a set of technical recommendations for UOCAVA Electronic Ballot Return.

    U.S. military and overseas voters face unique …

  • Serving on the Technical Advisory Committee

    Founding president Jared Marcotte reflects on his time serving on the Voting Systems Assessment Project (VSAP) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

    I started working in election technology in 2010 and, since …

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